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5 Best DIY Baby Shower Gifts To Make

100 days of DIY Baby Shower Gifts is a wonderful day. Not only do parents have to worry about the location and setting, and friends and relatives prepare gifts for a new life! Don’t worry, there are practical, great gifts for everyone!

Mothers are more sensitive and ashamed to take the initiative to tell them what gift they want to receive. In fact, the gift-giving mother only wants the gift to be practical and useful. The only mother knows this very well about branding, functionality, and prices. It would be pointless to ask for a cash gift or a combination of different goods only. A child overseas registration looks like a wedding gift list. The recipient decides what he wants, avoiding useless, lost gifts, waste of money, and environmental protection.

While there is no website that can handle a gift list in one stop, instead of “guessing” each other, the following are tips for choosing the best gift recipient and gift.

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Dragon Hooded Towel Tutorial:

Dragon Hooded Towel Tutorial

This dragon towel is really easy and easy to shower in! This will cost you less than 10 (maybe less) and it will take an hour or more (depending on the sewing experience).

Instruction: crazylittleprojects

DIY Taggie Blanket Tutorial:

DIY Taggie Blanket Tutorial

Once you place your first brand blanket, you will want to make one for every new mother. All the different types and textures were very enjoyable considering what your future nephew wanted to play. Here you will need it.

Instruction: gracefullittlehoneybee

DIY Changing Pad Tutorial:

DIY Changing Pad Tutorial

Super easy DIY adapter pad for little one baby shower. Easy to make, or as a gift for your child! And make something for friends. Compact, easy to wash and good to walk. Sew your change pad with built-in diapers and wipers. Simple tutorial with lots of pictures, perfect for shower gifts! See here

Instruction: lifewithmylittles

DIY Nursing Pillow And Slipcover:

DIY Nursing Pillow and Slipcover

There are two common types of nursing pranks on the here today, and there’s really no way to know what is right for you until you try them out (which is the story of all things special for children). Create your own nursing pillow and items for only $ 10 of mattress and lunch! Great baby gift! Which fits most pillows including a pillow. Here’s the Tutorial

Instruction: wholefully

Puppy Binkie Pattern:

Puppy Binkie Pattern

Learn to sew a cute bunker bank or safety blanket that looks like a free pattern and educational dog. Check out the details here!

Instruction: thethingswellmake