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5 Easy Crafts From A Plastic Bottle For Decorate Peace

Where the plastic bottles have eased out our lives much, they have also become the most cluttering items for our surroundings too. The best way to not let them be a part of earth clutter is to keep using them once they have served their primary functions. Here we have brought to you some super quick and easy crafts to do form a plastic bottle. You can easily try these 5 Easy Crafts From A Plastic Bottle For Decorate Peace and save your surroundings and environment from getting damaged. Also, you can promote the importance of recycling in your kids by involving them in these fun plastic bottle crafts.

There are endless ideas to make a variety of crafts from the plastic bottles just like the cute apple gift boxes. Cutting out the flowery shaped bottoms of the plastic bottles and joining the two with a zipper in the center you are going to get the cute gift boxes. You can paint them in green and red apple hues or fill them with the same hued paper to look exactly like apples. These adorable plastic bottle apples can serve as the pretty favor boxes too. The bottom of a pet bottle can meltdown to be a lovely art bowl for your décor display. Also, the kids can use the flowery shaped bottle bottom to create some fun painting designs on the paper. Explore the ideas in detail right below!

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Plastic Bottle Apple Containers:

Plastic Bottle Apple Containers

You can make these adorable plastic bottle apple containers to use as the perfect favors around the holidays. Just cut out the bottoms of the empty plastic bottoms and paint them in apple red and green hues. Then join two of these bottle bottoms with a zip to fill them with some lovely goodies and gifts.

Instruction: repeatcrafterme

Apple Decor From Plastic Bottle:

Apple Decor From Plastic Bottle

The empty plastic bottles can help you to create some really cool gifts just like these apple décor from the plastic bottles. The bottoms of the plastic bottles have been used to make these adorable and colorful red and green apples that you can use as gifts for the kids. Follow the idea with details here!

Instruction: joyfuljewish

Plastic Bottle Zipper Container:

Plastic Bottle Zipper Container

Nothing is a waste when you are a crafty person so here is the pretty and fun plastic bottle zipper container idea. Using the plain bottoms of the bottles you can easily shape up this zipper container to store so much of your knick-knack stuff. Kids are going to love using these zipper containers.

Instruction: popsugar

Make an Art Bowl From Pet Bottle:

Make an Art Bowl From Pet Bottle

Recycle the plastic bottles to de-clutter your surroundings and making this art bowl from the pet bottle is a great idea. You just need to cut down the bottom of the bottle and melt it over a light torch. You can use this art bowl on your shelves and tables for a really unique and fun display. Check out details here!

Instruction: instructables

DIY Soda Bottle Snowflake:

DIY Soda Bottle Snowflake

Kids love doing some artistic fun with the paint and now they can use plastic bottles to create some fun patterns. The bottles with a flower-like pattern here have been dipped in the paint to create some lovely snowflake-like designs over the paper. Kids can use multiple colors to create super pretty snowflakes and create an art piece.

Instruction: survivingateacherssalary

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