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20 DIY Bookmarks – Creative & Unique Bookmark Tutorials

Are you a bookworm? Or just like keeping your stationery supplies up-to-date? Either way, bookmarks may be an important part of your stationery then. Now when we talk about bookmarks, there’s just so much color and creativity in them. From extreme simple to some specific theme based bookmarks; all these are present everywhere. But what if you don’t get the right Bookmarks according to your taste or choice? What then? Then you simply create your own, right? Of course, it’s as simple as sewing a button. (Okay, I know they both hardly relate, but in short, making bookmarks is really easy). You can either make a minimal and decent bookmark in no time or even decorate it with some glitter or funky decorations or anything you like.

Amazing DIY Bookmarks:

The Beauty of Bookmarks is that you can make them easily and as many as you want. Also, if you have many different creative bookmarks placed in a book; how amazing and catchy would that look right? I mean who really doesn’t need or likes bookmarks? Of course, people who aren’t creative at all. But here we are, striving to seek some creativity, and learn and learn some Creative & Unique Bookmark Tutorials. So, why talk about anything boring at all, right! Now if you’re also a fan of creativity and decorations, then you might like extreme unique ideas of DIY Bookmarks. Or even if you like keeping things minimal then you don’t have to worry too, as we’ve lined up 20 DIY Bookmarks just for you. A wide range of DIY Bookmarks ideas from super decent and easy to vibrant and expressive DIY Bookmarks are available here for you.

Decorate them accordingly.

So, whatever your taste or mood is, you can make your bookmarks according to it. And just imagine, how amazing would these self-made bookmarks of yours look inside your books. Keeping you notified of the lesson or page and also your creativity. WOW! Having full of creativity stuff around you while you’re at work or school also helps to keep your thoughts and imagination vast and more creative. So, these bookmarks would do all that and help you remember things too? That’s amazing. Now that you have this list of 20 DIY Bookmarks, make sure you don’t miss out on any and try all of them once. A range of different DIY Bookmarks in your stationary collection, doesn’t sound bad at all right?

But Hey? Wait!

That’s not all, as you can not only make them for yourselves but gift them to your creative book lover friends or relatives too. Imagine how glad they would be to get a handmade DIY Bookmark from you, just the way they’d like to have theirs decorated and made in. They will definitely praise for such effort and will appreciate your skills too. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start creating already!

DIY  Beautiful Handmade Bookmark Tutorials:

DIY Adoreable Unique Colorful Bookmarks Totorial

Instructions: prettylittlememoirs

How To Make Easy & Colorful Bookmarks With Paper, Stars, & Yarn Ideas:

DIY Colorful Paper Bookmark Ideas With Stars Yarn

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Easy To Make DIY Leather Bookmark Just One Page:

How To Make Just One More Leather Bookmark Tutorials

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DIY Decorative String, Ribbon & Yarn Bookmark Ideas:

How To Make Easy Preety Burlap Handmade Bookmark Tutorial

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Creative & Easy Ombre DIY Bookmark Tutorials:

Unique Easy DIY Printable Bookmark With Ribbon

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DIY Unique & Adorable Confetti Shakar Bookmark Ideas:

Decided To Make A DIY Confetti Shaker Bookmrks Ideas

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Easy To Make Mother’s Day Special Contact Bookmark Ideas:

Faboulous Preety Mothers Day Flowers Bookmark

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Spring Hand Print Bookmark Craft For Kids:

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Simple & Cute DIY Colorful Flower Button Bookmark:

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How To Make A No Sew Fabric Bookmark With Tassel Craft For Kids:

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How To Make Bookmark With Tassel & Paper:

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Printable DIY Fox Bookmark:

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DIY Bookmark Kids Can Make Just In 20 Minutes:

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Cute Little Dress With Elastic Bookmark For Fashion Lovers:

A Beautiful Handmade DIY Wood Colorful Fabric Bookmark

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Fun & Easy Printable Pirate Bookmark:

Printable Personalized DIY Bookmarks Easy To Make

Instructions: easypeasyandfun

Leather, Pom Pom, & Tassel Bookmark Ideas:

DIY Creative Unique Tussele Bookmark Ideas For Kids

Instructions: blogspot

Yarn Heart Pom Pom Bookmark:

DIY Heart Pom Pom Braided Bookmarks With Yarn Totorials

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Cupcake Bookmark Craft For Kids Activity:

DIY Cupcake Bookmark Pom Pom Totorials With Paper

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Charm Embellishments & Fabric Bow Bookmark:

How To Make Attractive Butterflies Bookmark Ideas

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How To Make Teddy Bear & Kawaii Bookmarks:

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