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5 Best DIY Living Room Decor Ideas For You Luxury Room

The living room is the social hub of the house that is why more than much stress is poured over its beauty and styling. You do not spend a big fortune to make your living room look dreamy and jazzed up. Using some smart and cost-efficient DIY ideas and can also lead you to a mesmerizing living room area. Here we have brought to you these feasible yet totally functional and highly decorative DIY Living Room Décor Ideas. These living room décor ideas focus on the major styling details of the area so you ought to check them out.
As we all know that a coffee table is the game-changer for the beauty and style of your living. So now you can make a super stylish yet rustic hued coffee table by putting together four wooden crates. This coffee table would not only bring beauty but a lot of storage space to your space too. Using geometric shaped painted designs on the wooden circles the living room walls can be made to look ethereal but in a completely modern way. Also, you can create a letter wall art saying your favorite quote or add wooden shutters over the fireplace. An old shutter with added legs and paint makeover can work up as a cool living room bench. Get all these ideas with detail right below!

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DIY Crate Coffee Table:

DIY Crate Coffee Table

Bring some rustic woody appeal but a chic texture and style to your living room with this DIY crate coffee table. Using four crates you can easily shape up this gorgeous and totally eye-catching coffee table. Crate has been stained in rustic choco hues and the design creates a cube space in the center to house a succulent pot or plant.

Instruction: myanythingandeverything

DIY Colorful 3D Geometric Wall Art:

DIY Colorful 3D Geometric Wall Art

Make your modern living room look more jazzed up in style with this DIY colorful 3D geometric wall art project. A bunch of wooden circles in small, medium and large sizes has been used with bold and vibrant paint hues to create the geometric designs and shapes on the circles. Put up these circles on the wall in the form of a random cluster and it’s done.

Instruction: curbly

DIY Letters On Wall:

DIY Letters On Wall

If there is some space left empty on your living room walls then you can fill it with some decorative letters. Here is the idea of these pretty and inspirational DIY letters on the wall to easily install on your own. The wooden letters have been spray-painted in gold to form the line It Is Well with My Soul. You can customize the quote or message too.

Instruction: bonniechristine

DIY Barnwood Shutters:

DIY Barnwood Shutters

Improve the beauty and looks of your living room with this easy yet rich in style DIY barn wood shutter project. Yes using the rustic stained pieces of the barn wood you can create these lovely shutters and install them over your fireplace. These shutters are instantly going to bring natural woody vibes in your space.

Instruction: lovegrowswild

DIY Rustic Shutter Bench:

DIY Rustic Shutter Bench

If you find an old rustic shutter lying around then pick it up as you can install this DIY rustic shutter bench out of it. The white stained shutter has been attached with white stained wooden legs to look just so fun and functional as a bench. You can use it in your living room to enhance the seating space.

Instruction: lizmarieblog