How To Make Mason Jar Ornaments _DIY - DIY Crafti

How To Make Mason Jar Ornaments _DIY

Today, I’ll share a cute Mason Jar Ornaments … a mini snowball ornament in a glass jar! Mason’s Jar Snowball is now everywhere. I’m sure you’ve seen them in different sizes!

Snowball has just undergone a major renovation of the pecans, and I am happy to share this project as the next part. Super American Pecan Specialties will air online through the end of the year on November 20 at Epicurean. The show is hosted by actress Wendy McLaughin Covey, as well as American pecan farmers and influencers. You will enjoy endless pecan inspiration.

How To Make Mason Jar Ornaments _DIY

Reality: 2011 is tough for pecan farmers in the United States! Prices and hurricanes are a challenge for the pecan garden, so join me and promise to add your favorite pecan pie, as well as additional pecan dishes or crafts, to your holiday menu. After spending two days with these amazing producers who provide us with pecans, I can tell you directly that these people are kind and dedicated. We can at least enjoy delicious pecans, right? !! Bit our throats, okay? !!

In the spirit of pecans and creative gifts, let’s get started on this beloved Mason Jar Snow Globe, which is great for packing some gingerbread pecans at the American Pecan-Toon Show.

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